Why I'm in love with Casio ZR3500

August 28, 2015

Hi there!
I've been using this amazing camera that I love very much and would very much like to share on my thoughts on it
and judging from the cover- my title, you would have know what brand and model it is!
I'm really excited when I got it, so here's my list on why you should also get one

1. It is light, compact and comes in irresistible colors!
Note that mine is beige AKA champagne, Isn't it to die for??!!

2. The make up mode is what I need
WARNING: The picture below may be hazardous to your health, see at own risk!
This is how my skin looks like:
skin tone 0, make up mode 0

and these is exactly why my ZR3500 is so amazing:
from up to down:
skin tone -2 (tan), make up mode 3
skin tone 0, make up mode 3
skin tone 2 (fair), make up mode 3

verdict: my skin looks pretty perfect in every tone, and in make up mode is speechless! I have rosy cheecks, perfect zero pore complexion and they are so instagram worthy! Don't you think so?
Now I can use #nofilter with no guilt ha ha ha

3. It even works for normal everyday pictures
be it food


or even candid shots

It all came out as if I used a dslr to take them, awesome much!
And I didn't even have to carry a block-like camera out
just my mini size ZR3500

4. The effects are so cute!
from my seat in the office

5. instant connection to my phone for social media updates!

I just need this Exilim Connect App in my phone then the pictures miraculously gets transferred to my iPhone!

Still using a USB cable to transfer pictures to your laptop then transfer yet again to your phone?
It's time to get one Casio ZR3500 for yourself!

Come join our selfieisCasio community!

for more information, you can go to

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