sunday look

February 20, 2014

Sundays are always special as it represents a relax time to all of us
my sunday morning is always to church and then lunch out sometimes I will meet friends up for a chit chat and that is basically how I normally spend my sundays
Also, I get to dress up for sundays as I don't do so for classes lol
classes is normally just shorts, T shirts or leggings with zero make up. end of story.

last sunday I've decided to go K-pop style as inspired by Park Shin-Hye in "Heartstrings"
top & bottom- Timesquare
bag- taobao
black wedges- Forever 21

I love how the skirt lengthen my legs, of course with the help of my 4-inch wedges too!
and shows a hint of conservation mixed with fashion, something out of the 60's maybe? I wonder whether they have heels this high then? lol
also, it is also a BNW (Black & White) mixture which is very much the fame right now!
In short- the perfect outfit to go to church!

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p/s: noticed any changes to my header? =D

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