be bold

February 27, 2014

Remember those golden days when people mix-and-match white and black, or black and white together?
they would never ever, EVER! think of mix-and-matching blue and yellow together, oh the horror of it!
and that's why we call it the golden days.
now everywhere you go you see splashes of colors!
yellow and green and red? fashion!
blue and orange and black? unique!
purple and red and white? gotta get them all!
lol seriously there are no more rules when it comes to fashion
except well, try not to mix more than three colors okay? it's a disaster unless of course its on magazine and everything looks more glamorous and fashionable on magazines and it just won't do when you're walking on the streets, eh?
So, like every fashion designers does and says, I do too and it's- "Go Bold, Girl!"
Thanks for reading and I'll get back to my piling assignments now, Thankyouverymuch.

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