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February 16, 2014

Hi there!
as promised, this post will be about how i celebrated Valentine's with le boyfie
We've been hanging low because there were nothing BIG about it and didn't want to spam you with more loving pictures as there is enough people doing that lol

After being together for quite some time, presents are hard to get as you don't want to repeat the same presents year after year
so this year I decided to hand made something special for him
I bought a plain pillow case and stitched self-made patterns on it! Now I know why they charge so much more for hand-stitched products because it is so time and energy consuming, my gosh so I will never ever complain when I have to pay more for them
the end result is very satisfying though and the boyfie love it much

just because "be mine" is too hard core lol

if you're wondering what's with the bear and bunny, it had always been our thing
heh it's kind of embarrassing, he is brown and I am cony, you know the line stickers? yes, them

oh I also made him some chocolate mints though I forgot to take pictures of them

Valentine's OOTD
top- h&m V neck long sleeve
high waist skirt- bazaar from somewhere
bag- taobao

 while on him...

we went for a simple lunch and movie afterwards and that's it
I know that it's mushy, but valentine's is just like any normal day, it's only special because of the other person not because everybody else is doing it
so basically every day is valentine's if the person is there with you

...... and that's all from me!
once again, happy valentine's everyone!

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