Benefit Agent Zero Shine Secret Workshop

February 25, 2014

I'm sure many of you girls have heard about Benefit cosmetics?
If not, where have you been all this time? haha okay just joking
I've always been a fan of Benefit especially Benetint so I was super excited when I was invited to the event at midvalley where they just launched their new Boutique at
and their theme! girls will faint with excitement so don't say I never warn you girls ya

dreamy, no? and I have to say that I love it! how can a girl say no to all these? all pink and pastel colors and oh so dreamy, I won't be able to tear myself away from the boutique!
and I've always love their product because
1) they do what they ought to do
2) their packaging is so girly
don't believe me?

When we reached we were asked to take away our make up and I think all make up artist love skin which are fair, so I was invited to be their make up model! how nice and I totally trust the make up artist as they ARE going to use Benefit products on me

Here are all the products used on me and you'll have to keep continue scrolling down to find out the final result- perfect skin with zero shine

Before you use your make up, skin care is very important as the make up artist taught us
I love the texture and the smell of their toner which makes my skin go poink poink lol

Here is Benefit's boutique owner helping out Eefee with the mask which is covered with their toner

After that, the real process going on!

The hero of the day lol Benefit's Porefessional Zero Shine Agent!
It was recently launched at November 2013

 How to achieve the perfect smooth skin
Step 1- The Porefessional, which is Benefit's heart and soul
Step 2- Hello Flawless
Step 3- The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine

and I absolutely love their design of the product! the brush is located below the product, how cute and not to say, convenient!

I am so happy with the result of me under the hands of Benefit's product
Thank you, Benefit!

For more information,
go to their website here!

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