melaka part 3

October 30, 2013

Hi there! thankiew for still reading my not-so-charismatic blog now I really really am busy the last week
and I have to get these pictures out of the system in order to blog new posts topics
the second day we were at Melaka town, we also went to the famous mille crepe store at the pahlawan mall called nadeje
they have various flavors of them and the best award will go to original and the strawberry one

for take aways, they have a special bag to keep the mille crepes cold and nice but of cource comes with additional costs lah

we had them for our tea time and here is where we had our posh dinner in town!

the food there is really really awesome seeing that it came from singapore
well, you know what they say, the grass is always greener on the other side
and it's true!
 the place is pretty cold so I brought my military green cotton blazer to cover up lol

their toilet is pretty nice and clean too

here comes the fooooooooooooodd
at normal restaurants they normally have their signature dishes where it is relatively nicer and tastier than others
here ALL of them were as tasty as the other dishes and it is really a challenge having to pick my favorite

a memorable day ended at the seaside

the other day before departing to kl, we went to the famous melaka nyonya kiuh place called baba charlie

it is at an isolated alley so you probably will think it is the wrong way but it isn't lol

various kiuhs!

now you know what I had for tea time haha
and finally this sums up what happened at melaka
hope it helps when you decide to visit melaka some day =D


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