melaka part 2

October 21, 2013

it's been alomost a week since i visited melaka so here I am blogging with a hint of guilt
in the last post i left out the famous satay celup at Kingtu restaurant since we figure queuing for the famous satay celup at ban li xiang is not worth the wait and the crowd
The food was okay though the sauce obviously could not be compared to the peanut sauce back at kajang though it was fun waiting for the food to be cooked in reused pots and sauces!

The next day was reserved for sight seeing in the melaka town
the first we went to was the muzium samudera where they have antiques and pictures of histories of melaka
since we all went in before, we just did our obligations as tourists by taking a picture in front of it

next on was the visit to st paul hill where we race each other up the steep hill

did we really?
pfft of course not! I was panting already halfway up the stairs
though it was probably worth it seeing the view (almost) on top of the hill

finally we reached the top and this is the church built in the past

there were tomb stones inside the church which were made by limestones

here is a candid shot of eve acting like a tourist at Rome lol

shades from the mines
crop top from kitschen
high waisted shorts from timesquare
sling bag is a gift
sandals from step

this were on top of the limestones, probably written in portugese language but they do provide translations at the side though

A picture of me inside of the fort

After visiting the church we went down another route towards the melaka town and you will see the melaka fort right at the bottom of the stairs

a tourist shot of us

on the way to town we will pass by a walkway full with these trees and it is pretty amazing and un-malaysia is you know what i mean lol

melaka is full of these trishaw and anytime you here "gangnam style" or any loud music blasting from speakers you will know that there are trishaws behind or in front of you
and they charge, what, MYR 40 for an hour! so only tourists will be cheated to go for a ride

their trishaws are decorated to the extreme and this is only one of the example

one of my artistic shoots lollll

beside this river is a stall selling cendol that is pretty yummeh!
some authentic taste of cendol where it is ice topped with green jelly, red beans, corn and melaka brown sugar

for lunch we we went to a chicken rice shop nearby, it is said to be quite famous and proven so with my melaka babe heehee

the insides looks like an old china motel

nyonya fish we were duped by the boss that is a must-order...
tasted meh

their chicken is pretty good though since that is what they are famous for

and in front of the cheng ho ship is a souvenir shop where they sell local biscuits

biscuits we chose!

their sour lime drink is awesomeeeeeeee but slightly overpriced D=
so I didn't bought any

they is also a small cafe to order drinks and rest after the hectic shopping lol

once again, too many pictures to be put into a post so do wait for my last part of the trip!


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