Melaka part 1

October 17, 2013

As a blogger, taking pictures is actually the easy part
the hard part is to sort through, what, 34780864234 pictures and waiting for them to load #truestory

This week I have had the chance to go on a retreat with really awesome church peeps and if you think that church peeps are a bunch of boring lifeless group that prays 24/7, boy are you wrong!
My ootd of the day!

After reaching Melaka and checking into our awesome apartment G2 (super comfy and funky with affordable price! Do do do go and check them out)

we went to the infamous jonker street to jumpstart our trip!
one of the food there that you should not miss is the cendol and laksa at jonker 88
basically where u see a big crowd, they sell famous foo lol

the ambience is pretty okay, where you have to wait to get a seat
well, sacrifices for good food is a must!

Their laksa, still too spicy for my liking *sigh* but is pretty good and I heard that it can almost fight with Penang's famous laksa!

Ice kacang with a lot of variety, top one is mango, second one mixed, last one is passion fruit
tastes like normal ice kacang but topped with melaka's famous brown sugar to make it tastier, yum!

Pai ti with three types of toppings! if I remembered correctly, one is with prawn, one with crab meat and scrambled eggs

 More decorations of the shop haha

Me and eve!

 Nearby the Jonker 88 you will see a kind of an ancient door like this

beside it is the best food your mouth will ever taste- durian puff, which we voted is the best food we tried in Melaka
the first shelf is yogurt puff, for those who don't have durian lah which is a waste

taking a tiny bite off it, the insides look like this

Good bye awesome puff, I WILL BE BACK!!!

along the walkway of the jonker street .....

we googled and found a place famous for their oyster omelet so here we go!
it is locate at a nearly isolated alley which we at first thought that they were closed
it is called restaurant sin yin hoe

waited for half an hour and found that their oyster omelet is only meh 


on the way to our vehicle we passed by this beautiful walkway
since i am a born direction-less person, don't bother to ask me where it is

with writings on walls we debated whether or not the writer actually understands the meaning he/she wrote lol

wanted to do part one with day 1 & 2 but it is already 30 pictures so i guess I'll just have to make it into another two more parts 
Hope you like it!


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