January 07, 2012

today ,
having absolutely nothing to do ,
i saw my old old toy i had when i was young ..
urgh i sound like an old lady ...
and since im too big ( not old !!) to play with it ,
i found someone to appreciate it !!
haha !! not everyone has one like this kay ..
its sooooo cute , dont cha think so ?

i caught ... oh shit !! i mean i asked licky to model it for me for my bloggie ..
and he said yes !! ( well , kind of  )
but he wont let me take his picha with him looking at the lens
see !!
him with his "emperor" temper !!

see !!
i swear somebody took a camera and beat him with it !!
that's why he is so paranoid with cameras

dramatically he even hid under eve's bed ..
but no !! he cant hide from baby cam HAH !!

okay , finally he looked at me , 
well , not me , baby cam 
but he purposely show me ( okay , baby cam ) his " beh song " look to show me how disgusted he is with me 
i know , he is too pampered for a dog !

the sky doesnt let people with bitter heart down
i finally took a decent picha of him !!
you peeps wont know how much sweat and blood i used for this bloody picha
i feel so proud of myself for not giving up with this dog's temper 

cheers ,

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