CNY 2012

January 24, 2012

happy chinese new year peeps ~
having fun and collecting lotsa ang pows ??
i've finally blogged for i forgot how long LOL
such a bad blogger *tsk tsk

chinese new year have diff meanings for diff persons ...
for me it means visiting relatives everyday , dressing prettily , collecting angpows , stuffing myself with unhealthy food and soft drinks AKA fattening myself xp
check out my slim legs ~

RT check out our slim legs LOL
this is me during da second day of CNY


this is my outfit for da first day of CNY~
mature look challenge overcome !!

see ma pretty curls here
aint it nice ??
someone gave me a curler for christmas and im lurving it !
too bad i took 21 years to finally reach this look !

 have a happy holiday peeps ~
will update ma blog more this hoilday *wink

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