our first double date

January 03, 2012

this will be my first ever food post in my blog...yummy !!! be sure to get napkins ready under your mouths just in case your saliva drips ~
of course , our double date will involve lotsa camwhored pichas as well
so never say i never warn you kay !!

oufit of today : singlet - sungei wang
                      skirt    - sungei wang (again ! )
                      sweater - banana republic
                      wedges - vincci sale !!
                      bag       - sungei wang ( not this too ! )

 this day , our venue is at sunway pyramid
we heard that this new beer cafe have a super "dai " set for only rm15 net per person !!
omg " dai " or what ???
so immediately we booked for 4 person scared out of our minds that it will be packed with crowds
turn out we didnt have to , as there were only a few customers eating idk whyyyyyyy
wierd ....
maybe their food isnt nice ??
bad service ???
environment not friendly ???
turns out we thought too much heh heh ..

this is the pasta sicilia that brian orderd ..looks yummy when it came !!
yum !!
its basically spaghetti with capers , raisin , cherry tomatoes , and a crispy soft shell crab that is over the pasta

next up is my pork schnitzel ( no idea how to pronounce )
its just pork fillet with bbq sauce served with mushroom rice
yum !!
oh and you can see my fruit salad from here *wink

this is the portobello burger ...
its well , obvious that its burger with fries right ??
the unique thing is the burger is a kind of mushroom ...
special or what ??!!

after filling all our stomachs , we made it to our movie - new year's eve
this story is well ... normal ...
just for us to lepak quietly heehee

then our fav past time !!
camwhoring .. and how nice !!
sunway pyramid has its christmas decorations on !!

and this picha is the perfect ending to our double date for the day ~
heart you guys to bitsssssss
xoxo ,

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