CNY dinner

January 27, 2012

still happy CNY 2012 now !!

aint it fun getting ang pows and stuffing ourselves continuosly for like , 15 days
then convincing ourselves that it is alright coz we'll be sur to go on a diet ?
LOL thats life for us gals
kinda sad but , who cares ?! we're happy with da way it is

im sure all of you peeps have lou your sang ?
if not , hurry !!!!
its one of the ways to get HUAT-ed !!!
and who doesnt want to huat ???

fake shark fin soup is a combo that comes with lou sang
be sure not to get real sharks to be slaughtered ya ?
poor creatures ...
fake ones taste as good to me anywayyyyy

next on is wine !!!
no its not , its a enzyme drink , good for frequent urinate , premature grey hair growth , good for liver and lungs etc .
dont expect me to remember all its advantages ya ?

obviouslt there were other food but idk the moment the ngui family see food
we'll stuff it straight away , so no point taking pichas of food eaten half way right ?
not like we're barbarians or what ,
its just that WE LIKE FOOD !!!!!!
and last of all , camwhored pichas i took
cant decide which one is the nicest and dont wanna look so obvious that im a camwhore
so editted it in baby cam straightaway !!
so conveniant HEH HEH


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