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December 12, 2014

Hello bello! been busy this Nov & Dec so I kinda dumped my status as a blogger hahaha *guilty
when people ask "Eh, you blog right?"
I kinda want to say "No, I'm not" lol #awkward so I gave them an awkward smile then quickly changed the topic PHEWWW
but truth to be said, I do kinda missed blogging, the "take my photo take my photo!" , the using one hour and more to edit my 200+ pics, the "I blogged! read read read" routine LOLLL

anyways! I am back and thank you for still reading my humble blog
I was invited to do a food review last saturday at eCurve
the moment I saw Din Tai Fung, YES PLEASE!

Din Tai Fung is originated from Taiwan and has 5 branches in Msia
Chefs are trained every year at Taiwan to uphold the quality of their food
That's why, their food never disappoints me!
I can't wait to share with you all the good food we tried

This appetizer is said to be their best seller!
strips of tofu, jelly and seaweeds mixed in a slight spicy sauce, yum! what a good way to get my appetite going

Fresh, crispy pickled cucumber in a slight spicy sauce
If you are a fan of cucumber, it is a must order!

a cold dish, the taste of shaoshing wine is quite strong, but not too strong
just enough to smell the taste of shaoshing wine and fresh chicken cutlets

and here comes the main dish! their famous xiao long bao
dipped with a dash of their special-made soy sauce and three dashes of vinegar on freshly sliced ginger, heavenly!
Din Tai Fung was so generous they ordered 4 shelves for us so we ate til we are super satisfied
no leftovers of course! heeheehee I think I cam get used to being a food blogger

Super fresh shrimp topped on minced meat shaomai!
It is so big and generous that I couldn't even manage to put it whole in my mouth I had to eat the shrimp separately with the shaomai
but still! it is super tasty and nice

Something that I wouldn't normally order but unexpectedly it is really good too!
we were wondering what vegetable they used, I guessed spinach (wrong!), turns out it is leek (google) lol the mixture of leek and pork turned out superb! try for yourself

one thing about Din Tai Fung is that they always use fresh ingredients and specially made ones too
I loveeeeee their noodles, springy and tasty egg noodles matched with specially brewed soup!

The dried noodles are also a must try!
fragrant sauce with sesame oil, topped with fresh minced pork and spring onion! yums
only thinking of it, my saliva is starting their own party in my mouth

fresh shrimp topped on fried rice with egg
you just need to use fresh ingredients for food to be good, yes even a simple fried rice will turn out to be superb i swear!

fresh and crispy pea sprouts just like that
and finally! desserts!

I had always loved desserts made with red bean but golden yam.....
unexpectedly the golden yam is unlike the normal yammy-yam, the sticky type with super yam taste?
no, this golden yam has just a slight yam taste with a slight sweetness, all just nice

Li Wen's (another food blogger) favourite! but it was okay to me

my favourite! hahaha always a mango dessert lover at heart, that's me!
the pudding was not too sweet with a nice texture, not too hard nor too limp
topped with fresh mango slices and a dab of coconut milk, heaven i tell you!
and that's all from me, overall, the food at Din Tai Fung is fresh, original and ichiban!

lastly, a group picture of all of us!
Thank you Din Tai Fung and Worthy Book for having us!

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  1. Ahh lucky you! I heard the food there is awesome! Gonna try gonna try <3

    1. super nice! if you like chinese cuisine you should tryyyyyyy heehee