the one make up you need, for starters

October 15, 2014

Doing a make up tutorial is soooo mainstream
I decided to do one that starts with......
you are stranded on an island, you can only take one make up with you, what will you take?


*moment of silence* okayyyyyyyy

there is a fire and you can only manage to take one make up with you, what will you take?

no brainer, my purse then buy new ones

*bangs head*

okay this happens when you meet people that like to turn round and round down the roundabout and never goes straight to the question
but that's not me.
I can prove it to you.
which make up do you think is most important?
there, much easier, no?
which make up should I buy? I'm new to this make up thingy

Though I normally just slap on some sunscreen before I go out and looks something like this

I have the answer for you!

Brow Powder!
here I'm using Kate's

There are three different tones so you can actually find your own suitable tone in just one product
being fair (I actually glow under the sun), I usually use the lightest tone to get the most natural outcome
This one product can easily act as my
brow powder
nose powder
face contouring powder
eye shadow

1. brow powder
choose the tone most suitable for your brows (according to hair color) then blend in!
a good colored-in brow can make your face slimmer and also your eyes sharper
here, I use 1 in the middle and 2 to blend in the sides for a more natural brow

2. nose powder
don't you just love the nose bridge that those caucasian has?
well, we just have to make do with our chinese features and thus the nose powder
because I'm like, super fair, I use 3 on my nose bridge, sometimes I use 2 for the extra oomph

3. face contouring powder
show off some cheek bones!
do the goldfish face and mix all 1,2,3 together with a blusher brush

for people who have long face shape like me, use it also on your forehead

4. eye shadow
use an eye shadow brush to swipe on 1 on your eyelids for a sharper looking eyes

here is the end product lol

messy hair is the trend now, don't you know?
hahaha just kidding! messed up my hair a little because I have super thin hair!
maybe a tutorial on how to make thin hair look thicker next? lol

before n after pic! not much difference but there is

thinner face? check!
obvious cheek bones? check!
sharper looking eyes? check!
sharper nose bridge? check check check!

disclaimer: this is not an advertorial

tell me what you think and
til the next post!

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