singapore trip part 1

October 02, 2014

As promised, my post about singapore!!
Since coming back, I'm always looking back at all my pictures and I wish I was still there!
not fair, holidays always passed so fast
why time ticks super slowly when I am working freelance I don't know

okay back to story time-
since I am the only one staying in KL, the girls decided to give me the task for transport. flights is not in our budget neither is driving, so bus it is!
There's alot of companies to choose from, believe me I've seen the list but since a friend recommended this company- Nice Coach (same company with Plusliner but the deluxe version lol)
It is slightly pricey from normal buses (MYR82 per trip) but comes with pillows, blankets, drinks, pastry and a small TV for movies, music and roaming
the trip IS around 6 hours so comfort is important! don't want to feel tired and moody for our holiday, right?
well, you know what they say, or what my mum always say, 一分钱一分货 (you pay the price of the quality of products)
normal buses costs MYR45 or so
but but but (things in three always is better) I found out that NICE has a membership card that you can apply for lol so I went to TBS (Terminal Bus Selatan) to apply for it as it is cheaper (the life of a student) only to find out that you can only apply for it at their main office in front of the old railway station
so I made a mental cost/benefit list and off I go to KL town!
btw, Iphone4s users out there, did you noticed that our Waze is super lag? *cry most of the reasons I'm always down a wrong street *sigh
Thanks to waze. it brought me to the other side of the old railway station and I had to abandon my car at the side of the road with hopes that the mamak stall owner there will take good care of it for me

The salesgirl at the NICE counter was really nice! mental note to self: send comment to their HQ
turns out the student card can reduce the price to MYR55! almost the same price as normal buses but with benefits
so I asked her whether one card can be used for four tickets and she said no
then I asked whether I can help my friends to apply and she said yes! (you're welcome, girls)
and turns out the return trip price is also the same so here we go!
how the bus looks like

the seats were super spacious I can even sleep in a ball form
also, equipped with updated movies! - I watched Malaysia's own production- The journey, Frozen, The millers and The croods lol

Dumped our stuff at the hotel (next post!) and we went to our first stop- Bugis
when in Singapore, walk like a Singaporean, with style and speed lol

At the Bugis street with things super cheap!! but thanks to my human currency converter beside me, I've managed to control my hands and my purse lol

ordered my KOI Yakult green tea, yums! and continued my shopping spree

After dinner at Bugis Junction, we decided to go to gardens by the bay
having a MRT route map is important the moment you downed Singapore but since we had a tour guide, it's all easier
oh, and also, get a MRT card too as the trips will be cheaper, unlike our very own Touch n Go

The garden by the bay is actually just beside the infamous Marina Bay Sands, where we wanted to stay at first, but I read reviews that their infinity pool is super strict (guest's hands need to be with bands like theme parks, WHATTTTT) and also, weekends will be packed meaning no nice pictures nor swim time so we changed into another hotel with a similiar pool (once again, next post!)

How the garden by the bay looks like
I'll try to keep quiet while you scroll down

they say I look better at the back of my head thus all the backside pictures lolll
you don't have to buy tickets to the garden but only if you want to go up to the "trees" for a better view but it cost around SGD28, not that worth it if you ask me
so we decided to go up to Marina Bay Sands for the view
just line up at the side that says bar, not lounge and it's free
and the view really is ......... BREATHTAKING (with caps lock on, obviously)

since you have to stand at the bar, and it was on a Friday night, imagine the crowd
so we decided to just enjoy the view then hop onto a cab for drinks at Clarke Quay
But first, a picture of us minus one hahaha she was obviously holding the camera
I feel like being in Hong Kong, even though I've never been there lol

The crowd!!!!
Looks like friday night is the same everywhere

Ending with a picture of the four of us!

til the next post!

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