dog or cat person?

October 09, 2014

A good friend of mine has been going through the nightmare of all animal lovers out there...
the demise of her pet dog, turns out the vet gave her pet an injection and he got a brain stroke or something and died out of the blue after a few days
I'm like, WTH??!
Aren't vets suppose to cure the whatever sickness in our pets? the same reason we go to doctors lah
#truestory my previous shih tzu also died after an injection given by a vet the day after
I still remember the day my lil bro banged on my door at an ungodly hour and shouted "Happy is dead! Happy is dead!"
I was so sad that I didn't even went to touch him (my dog, not my bro LOL) because touching his body would be acknowledging that he really is dead
so, my heart truly goes out to her at this time, even though I suck at comforting people

on a more cheery note, did you know that a dog person and a cat person is very different and that it can also show your personality?

I'm definitely a dog lolll not because I like people touching my whole body *rolls eye but because of the enthusiasm towards everything though what cats think really is super funny hahaha

hahahaha surely cat persons are more to be afraid of if what they think all day is something like these? I really do prefer people who speaks what they think of even though it may be hurtful compared to those who says nothing and you have totally no idea what they are thinking about
in their head, they may have killed you 768342294 times while smiling at you

so, are you a cat person or a dog person?
hope you enjoy it as much as I do while compiling them xoxo
til the next post!
hint: a beauty post at last!

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