Cheapest Sky Bar in Bangkok

April 28, 2018

Undeniably, Bangkok is the place for you if you are a shopaholic like me.
Or, on a strict budget but still in need for a short vacay.
Bangkok is a bustling city that screams busy and is as fast paced as it could.
Honks, traffic jams and lights everywhere
How to enjoy this city then? Other than shopping of course.

Dining at a sky bar.

Who ever says that dining in the sky requires you to spend until you drop.
Of course, the most overrated sky bars when asked is the Sky Bar Rooftop at Lebua.
On the list is also Sirocco, Red Sky Bar etc. where drinks alone is three digits.
Nope, not kidding.

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Nope, best to be left alone especially on a budget.
However, refusing to let my budget get a hold on me. I did my research and found this sky bar that is not only affordable but is super cool as well.

Long Table, Bangkok

From it's name, you can imagine that there is a long table for guests in a big group or who just likes companionship. However, if you are not up to sharing your personal space and is allergic to people, like me *cough* they do have private table at the side though.

Feeling interesting and curiosity is scratching its way up?
Scroll along!

There is basically the bar area and the dining area.
Bar looks like this and starts from 5.30pm for you to enjoy the sunset.
Overseeing the bustling city, it is perfect to unwind and kick back your shoes.

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We made a reservation for 5.30pm and went there sharp in order to not miss the sunset.
We even got to choose where we want to sit! Double win
My dear friend, Google says that the crowd starts coming in around 8pm so there wasn't a huge crowd when we arrived. But best the make a reservation to avoid disappointments though!

There was a promotion on that time whereby you buy 3 canapes for 500 baht only.
What a steal! You can roughly give a guess on the meal costing from here
The view

Afterwards, we moved to the dining area for our dinner.
Now, this is the long table that I was talking about, for outgoing, fun, bubbly people who likes beibng around well, life. Sounds you? Good for you.

Related image

So not me and us. So, here we are at the the side with our private table.
With cushioned sofas with pillows, a mix of luxury and comfort.

Wondering what kind of cuisine they offer?
Well, Thai and western fusion of course! What better way to endorse in the culture through food?
It's basically like a chinese restaurant where you order dishes with plates on rice
But with Thai flavored dishes. An experience as you normally just go for your pad thai and pork skewers no?

Verdict: We will come again. Need I say more?
Instead of barely affording the drink in your hand at overrated sky bars packed with people, why not head over to Long Table and relax, enjoy the bustling lights with company of your loved ones. No people crowds I promise, only a night of good time and laughter.

The question you've been dying to ask. The bill
It came along to about 2900 baht for four? If not mistaken.
Including cocktail drinks, canapes and the main dish, I'd say it is too good to be true

Before we left we took some time at the bar area with all the city lights on
Together with my favorite people in the world! What more can a girl ask for?

*This is not a sponsored post.

Long Table
25th Floor, 48 Column Bangkok,
Sukhumvit Soi 16

Located nearby Terminal 21 Mall, which we saw from our bar area and is walking distance
Afterwards you can always take the train back to town.

Will be blogging more about the cheapest barbeque at Bangkok soon too!
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Signing off,

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