Red Inn Hotpot Review

December 01, 2017

And I’m back again!
You’ve probably gotten used to my in and out, left and right ninja trick over the past year. It’s been pretty hectic for me juggling work and travel (found my love for travel this year) and life.

Back to my title now!
I’ve found this pretty good hot pot place that I would like to share, which been slowly gaining its fame on social media so it won’t be unfamiliar to you guys out there but still! I’d like to share it in case you’re not on Facebook *cough cough

I've been sawing pretty good reviews about them so decided that it's about time I check them out.
Nestled in the neighborhood near Damansara, Red Inn Hot Pot is at a great location with its ease of parking and also the peacefulness, no blasting of horns here nor big jams so my mood was at its best when I reached the restaurant.

Located at the first level of Tropicana Avenue, it is pretty eye catching with its red LED signboard and pretty lights at the bar. Retro with a twist of modern touch, interesting. All the more to look forward to.

Let me just cyber- bring you down Red Inn Hotpot, the moment you step into the restaurant, on you left would be this bar that is brightly lit, perfect for a drink and catching up with old friends here on a rainy night. Well, any nights actually.

Walking in you’d be impress by the ambience that will remind you of the old Shanghai with its retro lanterns hanging from the ceiling and rustic looking furnitures with tiny hidden details that the owner has did. I like to think of it as their own “Finding Waldo”, so you’ll be amazed everytime you find something different. I’ll let you know about mine at the end of the post! So keep scrolling, fingers.

If you need more privacy, you can request for the tables at the back.

Right at the end is the karaoke rooms that is Shanghai location named. Imagine you talking on the phone with your friend. “Oh, you can come find me at Huang Pu.” Cool, right.
The karaoke rooms are definitely something I will keep in mind because, Redbox is boring after 20 years, you get what I mean? Sit, drink, buffet, sing and repeat.

Here, you can sing while you wait for your food to be ready, then order, wait, sing, food here, dunk it in then sing and eat again. I don’t know about you, but this sounds way more interesting than the normal karaoke session.

On the far left is the sauces, with every type of different sauce at your perusal. Peanut butter sauce with Thai chilli and garlic? Coming right up!

Now time for the food! Soups first, baby.

Red Inn has basically 6 types of different broths for you to choose from, all MSG and preservative free, mind you. So you can drink in peace people, knowing that you are not killing your body.
So, the six types of broth are: Signature Sake broth, Fresh Tomato soup, Mala Spicy soup, Pork Bone soup, Mixed herb soup and Tom Yum soup.
Personal favorite goes to: Signature sake broth and fresh tomato soup.
Why? Simply because it is not found elsewhere and the broth is heavenly.
The sake broth is sweet and thick with only a hint of sake, great for any sides you order and definitely an easy choice to fall in love with for every age groups. While the fresh tomato soup is full of real thick and tasteful tomatoes, like drinking from tomatoes with a straw, definitely not from Campbell. Lol. Be careful not to be addicted! And nope, I’m not exaggerating, just some comments I heard from my friends after they went to Red Inn.
And! They have this buy 3 soup base, free 1 soup base thing going on for long term. So it’s basically RM60 (RM20 per soup base) for four different base. For sure you can go for one or two soup bases only, but well, you lose out on trying the other awesome bases as well.
If you’re seating in a big group, you can order 4 bases for RM60 for two or three pots, depending on how big your group is, with FREE REFILLS. What a catch!

I never knew I has so much to talk about just on the soup alone. Lol. Now on to the sides. Meatballs. Definitely a must-have as all of their meatballs are self-made. Fresh from the kitchen. And what a list to choose from, only for meatballs. From what I heard, the founders insisted on having homemade meatballs as opposed to factory readymade ones as they want customers to feel their sincerity in them and also maintain the quality that their customers trusted them with. They believe in making good food with good quality, conscience free. Hmmm, impressive, no? 

Also, their sliced meat side. All thinly sliced up so you only need 5 seconds in the broth then it’s good to eat! I love the pork belly and Iberico pork, which is also something unexpected as it is not widely found. The Iberico pork is basically black pig meat, which are less found because they are more expensive as they have less smelly pork taste. I mean, I love all my meats, but this Iberico pork is definitely up my list.

Another must-have is the ring ring roll! I had my doubts when they mentioned that it is one of their recommended. Customers even called up to reserve these rolls holy macaroni. But then, the moment I had one, I couldn’t stop! See, it’s basically crispy bean curd skin, made like a roll. Very thin mind you, so when you put it in the soup, you only need 3 seconds, and your crispy bean curd skin will be soft and crispy at the same moment. Bliss, I tell you! Must-try okay!

You might have noticed me holding a cake lookalike tray in the beginning of my post, it is actually a birthday cake from Red Inn! What is the minimum purchase I need to get that cake, you ask?

Nothing. Nada. What you need to do is just make a reservation for 5, with someone having their birthday, obviously. Then they will have this cake made specially for you. Yup, that’s right. No additional charges so just come and have fun on your birthday. A close up look of the cake. It’s actually hot pot ingredients all wrapped up nicely, that’s why you need to call up first to get the cake.

So, my trip to Red Inn is definitely one of the reason why I am recommending you people to visit.

Now, for my favorite corner of Red Inn that I found. The red LED Red Inn sign. SO MUCH LOVE.
So head over to Red Inn and tell me what’s yours!

Another good news for you, Red Inn has had their second branch at Bandar Sunway already! Slowly mushrooming in Klang Valley I can see. Rumors are that they may even be in the North in near future! *hint hint nudge nudge

Red Inn Hot Pot
Lot P1-12 & P1-13,
Tropicana Avenue, 12, Jalan Persiaran Tropicana,
Tropicana Golf and Country Resort,
PJU 3, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
4pm- 2am

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