Melbourne 9D8N Itinerary (Part 2)

April 09, 2017

Too excited to share what we did there so here I am!
Day 3: Philip's Island
Remember when I said something cute and cuddly? What more than cute little fairy penguins???
We followed the Grayline Grand Penguin tour which brought us through

  • Moonlit Sanctuary (our first Koala and Kangaroo interaction)
  • The Nobbies (spectacular view)
  • Churchill Island (life in a farm)
  • Phillip's Island (FAIRY PENGUINS)

Moonlit Sactuary was originally open to public only during the night, thus it's name- Moonlit
However, the sanctuary was such a hit that they now open during daylight as well
Fun Fact!
Did you know that Koalas sleeps through most of the day because their diet is only the Eucalyptus leaves which has has little nutrient that they have no energy to stay awake for too long?
See this little sleepy thing that just woke up from his nap
And boy their fur is super thick! AUD15 for close up and photograph session with the Koalas

Then off we go to feed the Kangaroos and Wallabies (the smaller version of Kangaroos)
Kangaroos are quite scary up front as they are quite huge and see this Kangaroo holding on to my hand? Their claws are quite sharp so I may look chill here but I was terrified inside! After my feeding I quickly left them terrifying animals *phew
fine fine I may or may not have thanatophobia (fear of death)

Do not come near me, I repeat, Do not come near me

The Nobbies Island and Discovery Center
Located at the cliff of the Nobbies Island, the view is super surreal! With the blue sky and blue ocean, the view of the Seal rocks are magnificent. The seal rocks is home to the largest colony of the fur seals in Australia
If you are lucky you can even catch a glimpse of the fairy penguins here!

After feasting our eyes on such spectacular view, we went on to the Churchill Island, getting a view of Phillip's Island and Western Port. This used to be the first ever working farm back in 1850s and is now open to public to see and feel the life on a farm

The sky was getting darker and it was drizzling thus the blur view at the background
But still! It was memorable as I even got to milked a cow lol

After the Churchill Island, finally the main highlight of the tour- Philip Island where the penguins are! Since the fairy penguins only come back to the sanctuary after dark, to hide from predators hunting for food, we only came to the sanctuary around 7pm
Penguins here I come!

Because we were in the grand Penguin Tour, we got to sit at the side where the fairy penguins passed by us to get to their homes. No photos were allowed and we have to be super quiet to not disturb the penguins as they are super sensitive and will turn and run away if any lights or sounds heard. So I got this photo on the Internet as to show you how they look like!

The fairy penguin is the smallest species of the penguin family and the view when hundreds of them piling up the seashore after their fishing is unforgettable man, At first they will look like dots then you see them little shadows climbing up to the shore and finally passing by you. Some clumsy penguins may even slip and fall we had to hold back our laughter.

According to the tour guide there, the fatter you are, the more attractive you are in the penguin world

What a day to remember. Goodbye penguin! I bought a fairy penguin plush toy to show my support of them reserving the penguin sanctuary

Day 4- Brighton beach
From CBD to Brighton, you need to get on the train from Flinder's station using the Myki card I got from the Federation Square, every journey (to and fro) is AUD7.80 regardless how many public transport you took (train, bus etc.)

Look out for the Brighton station and get down there, you need another 30 minutes walk to get to the famous colorful bath boxes but it is definitely worth the trip. Bought a hot dog bun and had lunch right on the bath boxes while we soak in the goodness of Melbourne's sea wind and one afternoon well spent!

Next up the Great Ocean Road tour which I think needs a full blog post dedicated to it as it is breath taking and surreal I'll let you know beforehand

Til then. 

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